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Our Clubs are open to all young people from “Diapers to Diplomas.”  Boys & Girls Clubs of Garden Grove (BGCGG) prides itself on its safe youth facilities, its dedicated professional staff, and its affordability to all youth. 


To Join a Club:  

  1. Find a Club that is near your child’s home, school, or your place of employment. 
  2. Contact the Club site to request a Club Registration Form. Bring the completed form along with your dues to the Club of your choice to get signed up. This is a wonderful opportunity for your child to make new friends, have fun, and learn new skills! 


Membership Benefits:

  • Safe, Positive Environment for youth to participate in a variety of fun programs and activities. 
  • Fun with a Sense of Belonging – As personal connections are formed with staff members and other Club members, the Club becomes yours. 
  • Supportive Relationships - Clubs provide youth with the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with peers and adults. 
  • Opportunities and Expectations - Club members acquire a range of physical, social, technological, artistic, and life skills. They receive homework assistance and tutoring, establish better study habits, and are encouraged to aggressively pursue a post-secondary education. High expectations for Club members are consistently communicated and reinforced by staff. 
  • Recognition – Club members are constantly recognized for their Club, school, and personal accomplishments.

Other Opportunities:

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