You are the eyes and ears of this organization. Whether you are a staff member, board member, Club member, volunteer, parent, community partner, donor, or client - your input equally valuable.

We are pleased to offer two outlets to share your successes or suggestions, including any potential ethical concerns.  Reports may be filed through either the BGCGG Mobile App, or right here through this webpage via the link below.  We protect your individual rights to speak your mind and help prevent wrongdoing in the workplace, without the fear of retaliation.  Therefore, users may wish to file reports anonymously to protect their identify, although contact information is encouraged to allow for vital follow up.  Again, all details will be kept confidential.

You have the right to keep Boys & Girls Clubs of Garden Grove a healthy, productive, and positive place for everyone! It is in your hands to promote positive actions and protect yourself and the entire organization from any harm by reporting all unethical conduct, at any level. 

Share a Positive Experience - CLICK HERE TO FILE A REPORT

Your experience with the Club has the power to impact and influence lives. Place all our stories together and we create one exquisite, colorful collage. Don’t be bashful, let your voice BE HEARD.

You can choose to be anonymous or request recognition. Either way, you will receive a report key to follow-up on your submission and a response between 5-6 business days.



The File a Report section is designed for you to report any violation or other possible concern you may have. We'd rather you report a situation that turns out to be harmless than let possible unethical behavior go unchecked because you weren't sure. Even if you do not have “hard evidence”, you are encouraged to report it. Remember, it’s easier to solve or prevent a problem while it’s small, before it escalates into a large problem that can cause damage.

Acceptable reports include topics on: accounting & auditing matters, child safety, conflict of interest (such as bribery, misuse of confidential information, or inappropriate customer relations), discrimination, harassment, embezzlement, falsification of contracts, reports, or records, donor stewardship, physical or verbal abuse, sabotage or vandalism, misconduct or inappropriate behavior, substance abuse, theft, unsafe work conditions, violence or threat, violation of any organization policy, or any other concern of wrongdoings.



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