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Memories we made at Girls Club in Garden Grove are still with us.


Testimonial – Kelly Pijl, April Thompson, & Paige Rock

Written by Kelly Pijl
Girls Club Alumnae

My two sisters and I participated in some of the programs at the former “Girls Club” on Garden Grove Boulevard in the late 1970’s during our pre-teen years.The old house provided space for crafts, games and swimming! Growing up in a single-parent household, we were at loose ends during the summer months and looking for things to do. We lived down the street and around corner from the club, so at least once a week we would ride our bikes to the club.

April, a homemaker, marathon runner and tri-athlete, remembers the kitchen and cooking classes and making suckers with Karo syrup. She’s a great cook today!Paige, a single mother and hot springs-spa manager remembers the field trips and going to Newport Dunes. Her youngest son plays football at the Boys & Girls Clubs in the Lake Elisnore area.  

I am a working mother and an assistant director of a grant-making organization. I remember the all messy crafts and loud games, which may have led to my scrapbook and quilting hobbies.

There seemed to be a different activity in every room of the house, and there were many rooms in that old house. The house is gone now, but the memories we made at the Girls Club in Garden Grove are still with us.

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