How to Enroll

Complete the form. Email to or drop off a printed copy at your local club branch. A representative from the Be Great Academy will contact you with further information.

714-530-0430 ext. 1908

How do I enroll my child?

Please refer to the “How to Enroll” section of this page.

Does my child need to be a registered club member in order to enroll in tutoring?

Your child does not need to be a registered club member to attend tutoring. However, it is your responsibility to ensure your child arrives, on-time, for scheduled tutoring sessions. An adult over the age 18 who is listed on the emergency contact form must sign the child out at the conclusion of each tutoring session.

What days and times are available?

Schedules are based on tutor availability. We do our best to accommodate day and time requests; however, availability varies at each club branch. Tutoring options vary at each club branch, and minimum enrollment is needed to confirm group tutoring. If your request is not available, you will be provided with alternative schedule options.

How does the program work?

Once a schedule is confirmed and your child is enrolled in the tutoring program, a start date will be set. During the first tutoring session, all new students complete our comprehensive assessment. Depending on your child’s tutoring goals, we assess skills in English Language Arts, math, and writing. Any remaining time during the first tutoring session will be spent on skill building, including homework assistance, if requested. The assessment results will be shared with the tutor, who will begin preparing relevant lessons to address the areas of academic need.

Will the tutor assist with homework?

Yes. It is your child’s responsibility to bring homework assignments and inform the tutor what is assigned for the given day.

Will my child be assigned the same tutor each session?

Yes. Our goal is to provide tutor-student consistency. You will be contacted if your child’s tutor is unable to work a scheduled session.

Can I meet my child’s tutor?

Yes. If your child is a club member, then contact the Academic Services Director to schedule a time to meet your child’s tutor. If your child is a not a club member, then you will have the opportunity to meet the tutor and speak with him/her at the end of tutoring sessions. For privacy reasons, tutors are not allowed to communicate with parents via personal email accounts.  

What happens if my child does not like his/her tutor?

Please contact the Academic Services Director to discuss options.

My child is sick and needs to miss a scheduled tutoring session. Can I reschedule the session?

Only excused absences from individual tutoring will be rescheduled or credited (up to 2 sessions per month). In order for an absence to be considered “excused,” the Academic Services Director must be notified no later than 10am on the day of the scheduled session.
Absences from group tutoring, whether excused or unexcused, will not be rescheduled, refunded, or credited.

How does the payment process work?

The tutoring program requires a monthly commitment. Amounts due will be based on the number of sessions scheduled for the given month. Payment is expected in advance of services provided and is due by the 1st business day of each month, up to the 5th business day of each month. Parents of enrolled students will receive an invoice reflecting fees for the upcoming month no less than 7 business days prior to the payment due date. On-time payment is the responsibility of the parent or guardian. Any payments not received by the 5th business day of the month will result in a suspension of services until the account is paid in full.

Where do I make my payment?

Payments are to be made at the front desk of the club branch where your child attends tutoring. Receipts for fee payment are available and parents are responsible for keeping all receipts.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, ATM cards with a Visa/MC symbol, personal checks, money orders, and cash are all accepted.
A service fee of $25 will be charged for each check issued to the Be Great Academy that is returned by the bank for any reason. If more than one check is returned within a calendar year, you will be required to pay in cash or money order for the next 12 months.

Does the tutoring program offer financial assistance?

While we are unable to provide financial assistance, parents who would like to be considered for a payment plan may fill out a Sliding Fee Application. Any parents who qualify for a sliding fee based on our club’s policy will be considered for a payment plan. Existing Club members on a sliding fee do not need to complete a new application. To begin a payment plan, parents must provide a copy of their award letter. For more information, please contact the Academic Services Director

Do you communicate with my child’s teacher?

Teacher communication is available by parent request. All communication with teachers will be conducted by the Academic Services Director via email and is subject to teacher availability. Parents must submit a Teacher Consult Request Form before any contact with teachers is initiated. [LINK TO FORM]. For privacy reasons, tutors are not allowed to communicate with teachers via personal email accounts.  On-going communication between the teacher and Be Great Academy is at the parent’s discretion.

What is the process for updating parents on progress made during tutoring sessions?

Tutors track student attendance and topics covered on a monthly basis. Monthly progress reports are submitted by the tutor at the end of each month. These reports are available electronically upon parent request.   

My child’s grades are not improving. Why?

The tutoring program strives to help students build skills needed for academic achievement. If you are less than satisfied with your child’s academic progress, contact the Academic Services Director to re-evaluate the goals set for tutoring.

Can my child walk home?

No. For safety purposes, students who are not club members must be picked up and signed out at the end of each session by an adult (18 years or older) listed on the emergency contact form. Students who are club members will return to club programming at the conclusion of tutoring sessions.

How do I cancel tutoring services?

If you wish to cancel tutoring services, parents must notify, in writing, the Academic Services Director at least 10 business days in advance of the last scheduled session. Notifications provided less than 10 business days in advance may result in additional fees. Refunds will not be issued for any remaining sessions.