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Last summer, Readiness on the Road changed my child’s life.

Readiness on the Road is a helping hand which helps parents as they prepare their children for preschool, in a fun way.  It’s great!

My name is Gabriela Velasco and I have two wonderful children, Chantal (16 years old) and Jair (4 years old). I always heard wonderful things about Readiness on the Road and I have referred people to the program.

Last summer, Readiness on the Road changed my child’s life. When Jair was 20 months old, we were told he had speech delay and problems with fine and gross motor skills. But my husband and I never gave up. We used every resource we found. Even when we felt nervous, we still tried. Thank God for the help we found in Readiness on the Road.

In 2010, my little one joined the program and it was a great fit because his doctor recommended for us strengthen Jair’s socialization skills and Readiness on the Road was able to help us. Although Jair participated in small group therapy and individual therapy in the past, he was now moving to preschool. We were concerned about his behavior around other children due to lack of social skills and his need for help in developing his motor skills.   


On the first day of class, I was nervous about his reaction due to past experiences with other programs but it was magical - he had no tantrums or anxiety.  The classroom was full of other children and parents and we were warned that Jair could have a meltdown if he had more than eight people around him. But that did not happen. Jair loved the first day and requested to come back to the “apples and bananas school”, which is how he referred to Readiness on the Road, due to the song we sang during circle time. He also learned different shapes, numbers, and colors in a very fun way.  We learned different songs about the days of the weeks, the months of the year, letter sounds, and of course, not forgetting the apples and bananas.  During each class, two letters were introduced and they created a story. We also had homework. He created great art work in each class that we treasure.  My husband and I learned together how to guide Jair to complete his work and not do it for him.


Every week, Jair was happier about going to Readiness on the Road or “apples and bananas” and we noticed his progress. He was happy to pack for snack time and share. We also learned more with the Program Manager, Angelica Molina, about healthy eating through the LEAN Start program and we started applying what we learned at home. We were even offered free parenting classes while Jair was in the program.


At the completion of the twelve week sessions, Jair was shining like a star!  He was able to use scissors on his own, color, recognize some letters, shapes and numbers, etc. On the day he finished his program, he made crowns with shapes that he was able to cut out.  It was very special and the letter of the day was K for King.  


When Jair underwent his evaluation to start preschool, he no longer needed to attend special classes but was allowed to be in the full inclusion class. He had a 180 degree change! My husband and I know that it was due to the great start at Readiness on the Road. My referrals to Readiness program have increased because I want moms and dads to share the opportunity with their child to have great start to preschool. As a mom, I know every mother wants the best for their child. I think this was the best program that prepared my child for preschool and gave him the confidence he needed. As a mother, I learned a lot from the time shared with my child and the other moms.  It was great to be a part of my child’s early education.  It was very fun. 


Thank you to all the hard working teachers at Readiness on the Road for their love, care and patience for the little ones.  Thank you to the Children & Families Commission of Orange County for supporting these programs which make a great difference in our children’s lives.



The Velasco Family

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