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Over 50 years ago, when I was a boy, I attended the Boys Club.

My name is Charles ‘Clark’ Kent.  Over 50 years ago, when I was a young boy in Garden Grove, I attended the Boys Club with my younger brother, Gary.


I remember well how we would walk several miles to the Club just to play baseball for the fun of it.  My brother Gary never complained. During my time there, the baseball coach taught me how to pitch so well, that he would often ask me to let the batter hit the ball so that my teammates could field it.


My brother, Gary, wasn’t as talented and sat the bench all season. But he learned to always have a great attitude and support the rest of the team. One memorable day at the awards program, my mother, Gary, and I were sitting in the stands. When Gary heard his name, he could not believe it.  Gary was awarded the Good Sportsmanship Award for his positive spirit and won a new bike. 


It just goes to show the interest the Boys Club had in all of its members. We still talk about Gary’s new bike today. In fact, the Boys Club taught us both a great deal about teamwork.


Now as an adult, I have the pleasure of working as a member of a team and continue to learn from a number of “coaches” in my professional employment.

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