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From Bumble Bees to Social Butterflies

“Boys & Girls Clubs of Garden Grove had a positive effect on my brother and me as a child.  The connection with the staff, the impact, and great memories made it a positive place for me,” said mother of two Selina Maldanado. “To see my daughters go through the Boys & Girls Clubs of Garden Grove program and benefit from it like I did is wonderful.”


Selina is young mother of two and now a successful working medical assistant.  She is full of energy, a great mother, Boys & Girls Clubs of Garden Grove Main Branch alumna, and even worked as BGCGG staff.  Selina had much to accomplish as young mother and thanks Boys & Girls Clubs of Garden Grove for being there for her family while she juggled motherhood, school, and working.  


Selina said, “I personally thank the Boys & Girls Clubs of Garden Grove for that.”


Both of Selina’s daughters, Anahi is currently 4 and Elyse is 6, started attending Family Campus preschool at 18 months old as “Bumble Bees”.  They were at school from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm in the evening.


“I received a lot of criticisms from others about me leaving my children there for most of the day. However, I get the last the laugh because both of my daughters are above average in school and are doing great. I am a proud mother,” said Selina. “I do not regret putting my child at a young age in the program. It benefited us.  They are articulate and can carry on full conversations. They are smart girls.”


The biggest resource to Selina was the Family Campus Preschool. She was able to drop them off before work and pick them up after her classes.  Although many of her friends and family friends criticized her for dropping her kids off all day, Selina maintained that Boys & Girls Clubs of Garden Grove Family Campus Preschool is not a daycare, it’s a preschool.  It’s a school where her children are safe, learning, being productive, and experiencing great events as they would a regular school.


“After seeing them when I pick them up, and seeing all the wonderful art work they do, and hearing all the great stories of what they learned and did that day at Family Campus at such a young age, it really reassured me that they are more than just fine,” said Selina.


Being a full time student and working, Selina was bit hesitant in dropping them off before work and school.  Her days were long and as a mother, she initially struggled with the time away from her children.  But, she soon realized and witnessed how happy her girls were at the Family Campus Preschool.


“I knew I had absolutely nothing to worry about because I knew they were having fun and that was one of the main things, as opposed to being in a situation when you leave for work and school knowing your child is crying and screaming because they don't want to be there. This was not the case for Family Campus preschool.” 


Currently, both of her daughters stay active and busy with school and afterschool sports throughout the day.  They are both in advanced class groups and above average in school. Elyse is an avid cheerleader and is into her third year of cheer.  Her little sister Anahi is a star soccer player, and her team went to playoffs last season.  Selina credits Family Campus Preschool for creating a solid foundation of staying busy, active, and focused.  The girls are vibrant and well spoken. 


“A lot of kids nowadays do not go to daycare or an after school program or preschool to get a head start.  They tend to have a lot of problems when it comes to kindergarten or just simply interacting with kids because they are not use to socializing and interacting with other kids,” said Selina. “Because my girls attended Family Campus Preschool, they both are social butterflies.“

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